“Photography isn’t a job, it’s a pleasure.”

Nigel is a professional photographer who is passionate about his work. He really enjoys capturing those special moments for you to enjoy forever more.

Portraits, Events, Landscapes, Sports, Commercial, and even wildlife are things he likes to capture with Canon’s flagship camera, the Canon EOS 1DX.

Nigel has a lens for every photographic assignment, from wide angle to super-telephoto. He likes to use the wide angle for High-Dynamic-Range-Imagery and the telephoto for sport and Wildlife.

The 600mmIS Super-Telephoto is the perfect lens for wildlife and for sport;  this lens helped Nigel so much in 2013, when he photographed and filmed, everyday for over 6 months, in order to publish his book ” Ireland’s First ” his books are about the first  White Tailed Sea Eagles to have bred in Ireland for over 100 years, a truly momentous occasion, Nigel was the only photographer to have documented the occasion from start to fledging and he still follows these eagles today !

Nigel uses the 600mm for sport too, especially surf photography.  He has spent a lot of time on the west coast photographing many surfers over the years, but the photos he took in Mullaghmore were the largest surfing waves he’d ever photographed. Tide, wind, weather, even the moon along with many other factors come in play, to get waves of this height and magnitude and it is a rare occurence !

Nigel uses the 24-70mm and the 70-200mmIS lenses for just about everything else. Most professional photographers today use these lenses, which are very versatile and give pin sharp images. The 70-200 on the 1DX and the 24-70mm is kept on his back up camera the 1DS MK II.

All of Nigel’s cameras have secondary memory card slots which he uses to back up each photo as it is taken so as not to lose any of his work due to a malfunctioning memory card. only professional cameras have this option, so if you would like to make sure that your photographer isn’t going to ruin your special occasion then make sure he/she has a pro camera with back-up memory card slot built in.

Nigel is now gearing up to do “Vehicles in Motion Photography“,  which will be happening very shortly, so watch this space for the up-coming slow-shutter, high speed appearance photos that look very dramatic.

Nigel has also entered into the world of ” “, this process is time consuming but the results are well worth waiting for. This process gives pin sharp result right through the image from the foreground to the background allowing the client to have the best depth of field photography on the market to date.

More and more people today, are buying digital cameras and calling themselves photographers. If you’re looking for a professional photographer, make sure you check out their work before hiring them, if you’re not sure, ask them to do a sample shoot.

Email : Nigel

Tel : 00353 (0)89 477 0850


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Unauthorised use of any photographs is strictly prohibited and will be subject to prosecution.


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